Always and Forever – The Sweet Pea Wedding Invitation

Here we are, another sunny day and some more wedding inspiration.

I’ve just added to my facebook page  a photo of  one of the – Always and Forever collections – The Sweet Pea Wedding Invitation  – A square invitation with a panel of Sweet Peas and Satin edged organza ribbon.


I took the photo myself and sent it to a friend and with a bit of callifudging, (my term for photo manipulation) and a fabulous satin edged organza ribbon added, this soft delicate invitation was ready.

I love to take, photos of flowers, especially close up.  I don’t have a big camera just a small point and shoot but sometimes the results are quite good for an amatuer.  Here’s the image used for the invitation and I even grew the sweet peas myself.  So it just shows what you can make from what’s around you.

I don’t have a garden, just pots, one of my friends calls it a ‘courtyard’ , that’ll do for me.  It was so nice and sunny this morning, I just popped out to take a few shots to show you.  If you hear me say I’m sat outside working then this is where I am.  My little tables great for a coffee and some brainstorming and this Hosta is usually enjoyed by all the slugs and snails around here.

I just added this pretty little flower to the table yesterday and no, that’s not my coffee cup.

The flowers open and close with  the different light through the day, it’s an Osteospermum!

Just by the side of me is my clematis,  it’s just coming into flower, Pretty isn’t it! 


I have another one, it’s purple at the other end of this trellis, or I should say I did until last week, when I was a bit to eager with the snippers and cut off a long piece I have been cultivating for 3 years Arrrgh!  Not had any birds nesting yet. 

Just under the kitchen window the Honeysuckle are doing really well and soon the kitchen will be filled with their sweet smell, which is just as well as I’m not too good at cooking.

It was a little windy 2 days ago and blew over my pot with a blueberry tree in it but I think I only lost one small lot of berries and the rest seem to have survived.  Now I just have to keep the birds off them but it’s amazing how effective  a piece of old net curtain can be.  I just love these on my breakfast cereal in the morning. 

The hydrangea has lots of new growth and flowers in it this time.  A friend gave me this a few years ago for my birthday.  These flowers are perfect for a summer wedding and the dead heads  are so effective in an autumn/winter wedding.

One of the weddings coming up soon is Natalie and Joe, who are having Roses and Hydrageas and here’s my interpritation of the hydrangea in the centre of their explosion box invitation, as requested by Natalie.


Here are my sweet peas for this year, they’re coming on well now I’ve got the canes in.  I always try to grow some every year, they were my late husbands favourite flower.  The scent from them is increadible

My herbs are starting to do well, I have Bayleaf, mint, chives, parsley, sage, Thyme, I just need some Rosemary then I can start to sing, well maybe not!!

So you see in a small place you create a big impact,  they don’t need to cost a fortune to be memorable to your guests.  It’s very often the little touches they remember most of all. 

Gill had these sweet peas at her wedding in remberance of her mum. They look really cute next to our  birdcage, don’t you think.

2 These aren’t my photos and I’m afraid I            1
can’t credit the photographer as I don’t know who it is but just had to share them with you as they’re such a great idea for  Escort cards instead of a wedding table plan and wedding place names.

So you see, just take a look around you for some inspiration for your day of celebration to add that personal touch.

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